Clear Your Facebook History Using the Off-site Activity Features

Facebook is probably the most disregarding platform when it comes to your personal information. Representatives of the social network have made it pretty clear they target their user base with ads and services based on their history on the site. This doesn’t sit well with a lot of people, and Facebook is finally paying attention.

Clear Facebook History

Mark Zuckerberg recently posted that users will soon have a chance to have more control over their privacy settings. There will be a whole new set of options available through 2020. The one that stands out of the bunch is the Off-Facebook Activity feature. Third-party logins will also be revamped to work differently from its regular use.

This is a way to do it:

So, why Off-Facebook Activity is such a big deal? The beta version of the feature was added back in 2019, but it’s now implemented on all FB accounts. This tool will let you see the data compiled by other sites around the web that interact with your FB account. You will now have limited control over that data and even delete some of it.

With the help of this feature, no third party will be able to gather information about you through Facebook links. This is a step in the right direction, but something that still does not grant you full control over the data shared on the platform’s much larger advertising network. The good news is that you can clear this data anytime you want to keep ad-tracking to a minimum.

To manage the Off-Facebook Activity feature, you only need to go to settings and choose your FB information. Now pick the option “Off-Facebook activity,” and you will see the three options available: “manage data,” “clear history,” and “more.” You will be able to administrate these options to your liking.

In the management option, you get to see the apps and websites that have shared your data with Facebook. When you choose one, you get to know the number of interactions, and you can opt-out of them in the future. Clear history will let you disconnect your FB account from your history, and the network will no longer target you with custom advertising.

The “more” option has three additional settings that allow you to access your data, download it, and manage it for future interactions. You can turn these off. While this won’t stop the flow of advertising by FB on your feed, you will see they are not explicitly targeted at you. You also won’t be able to use FB to login to apps and websites anymore.