Send or Exchange Money Easily & Securely with TransferWise App

TransferWise money transfer appOne of the most significant concerns in this day and age is the need to handle money using the tools we have at hand. Technology is the name of the game when it comes to payments and transfers. The age of the debit and credit cards is nearing its end as more people around the world get access to the internet, and smart devices keep lowering their costs. TransferWise is here to help you administer your financial resources and to keep your money secure when you buy anything online. The team behind TransferWise has created an application that allows you to send, spend, and receive money from anyone in the world, paying the lowest rates on commissions of the market.

TransferWise is not a newcomer to the world of online financials. The app has been around since 2010 and currently has a user base of nearly six million people around the world, with at least 600,000 people using the app at all moments. TransferWise already has a head-start when it comes to advantages over other well-known money handlers such as Paypal, Payoneer, and others. Most of these apps have one thing in common: they take up to 5% of your money on each transaction you make with them. They also transfer funds in local currency at the lowest rates of the market. TransferWise kills these charges with a small upfront fee that allows you to use the app without any limitations or hidden costs.

Opening Finances Without Limitations to the World

One of the most significant advantages of using TransferWise is that the app is open to the currencies of 70 countries worldwide. You can spend money internationally using exchange over 40 different currencies that will be valued at the best rate of the market using real-time indicators. You can even place the funds received in your bank account to use it with your regular financial instruments, such as your debit card. You will be able to send and receive payments from the UK, the European Union as well from Australia with no fees at all. TransferWise works as an international financial dashboard that is open 24/7 at your convenience. When it comes to security, this app is second to none since it can be activated with Face ID.

If you are on the fence after all these details, you can check out their FAQ as well as all information on the app at We are pretty sure you won’t be disappointed at the number of benefits they offer.